5.2 Product Returns and Claims

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. A licensee that experiences a problem related to product may make a claim for refund. A claim for a refund must be received by AGLC within 30 days of product delivery. Any claims regarding shipping errors must be reported to AGLC within 48 hours. (Amended May 2020)
  2. The following types of claims will be considered:
    1. faulty products;
    2. recalled products; and
    3. shipping errors (refer to section 5.6).
  3. A licensee may call AGLC Customer Service to report a claim (1‐855‐436‐5677). (Amended Jan 2022)
  4. AGLC will confirm the claim against the invoice and, if valid, process the claim and issue a refund.
    1. Refund amounts are based on the original wholesale price paid by the licensee to AGLC.
    2. Refunds for claims under $20 may be deferred for up to 90 days.
  5. If a product listed is ineligible for refund, AGLC will advise the licensee and explain why. Possible reasons may include:
    1. product was not purchased directly from AGLC (except for recall);
    2. product was damaged by licensee staff or customers;
    3. the claim period has expired; or
    4. insufficient information provided to approve the claim.


  1. For additional information on the process for submitting refund claims, refer to the Cannabis Retailer Operational Manual.
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