Raffles $20,000 and less financial reporting FAQ

Raffles financial reporting FAQ 


Do I need to set up a separate gaming bank account for my organization's raffle?

No. For raffles with a total ticket value of $20,000 and less, deposits from ticket sales, payments for prizes and expenses are to be made using a non-gaming bank account

For licensed charities that also conduct other types of gaming events (e.g., bingo or casino): 

The net raffle proceeds must be transferred to a current gaming account (bingo or casino) at the conclusion of the raffle's last draw. Net raffle proceeds equal total revenue less the cost of raffle prizes and expenses.

If an organization only conducts raffles with a total ticket value of $20,000 and less: 

The net proceeds remain in the non-gaming account to be spent on charitable uses. 

What are raffle expenses?

An AGLC-approved direct cost incurred to conduct a raffle (e.g., the costs of raffle tickets, a raffle licence or an approved supplier expense such as advertising or third party processing fees). 

Where do I show the approved supplier expenses?

Include these costs under the "Other" expenses section on the Raffle Licence Financial form. 

What if the raffle loses money?

All losses must be covered from non-gaming sources. 

Do I keep the raffle proceeds in a non-gaming account?

If your organization conducts other types of gaming events (such as bingo or casino), the net raffle proceeds must be transferred to an existing gaming bank account. 

What if the raffle is cancelled, duplicated or the raffle draw date is postponed?

Please email Gaming.Raffle@aglc.ca or call 1-855-506-1066 (ext. 5), providing full details.

How do I report on the raffle?

The Raffle Licence Financial form can be completed by the following methods:

  • Online:
    • Access the Online services portal for charities, registries and liquor licensees by visiting aglc.ca/online-services.
    • Enter your User ID number and password to log in.
    • Locate and select the Licence Numberrelated to your organization's raffle event from within the Gaming Licence List.
    • Locate the form link beneath the 'Financial Review' heading from within theActions section. Clicking on this link will generate the Raffle Licence Financial form that you will need to complete.
    • Fill in the actual raffle results (if the value is zero, "0" must be entered) and submit the form. Reporting is now complete. Please do not also submit a paper copy of the form.
  • Mail the completed form to: AGLC, Financial Review, 50 Corriveau Avenue, St. Albert, AB T8N 3T5.
  • Email the completed form to: Financial.Review@aglc.ca.
  • Fax the completed form to 780-447-7502.

What if I can't find the Raffle Licence Financial form?

Please contact Financial Review at 1-877-447-7575 or email Financial.Review@aglc.ca to obtain a form.

When do I need to report on my organization's raffle?

The Raffle Licence Financial form must be submitted within 60 days of the last draw date.

For how long do I need to keep the raffle documentation?

AGLC requires that all raffle records be kept for a minimum of two years after the last draw date. 

I would like to speak to someone regarding the Raffle Licence Financial form for my organization's raffle.

Please contact Financial Review at 1-877-447-7575 or email Financial.Review@aglc.ca.