Cannabis representatives

A company with cannabis products represented in Alberta must hold a valid Cannabis Representative Registration.

  • A Cannabis Representative Registration is required for the following entities: licensed producer/supplier, product marketing entity or brand owner. 
  • Once registered, a federally-licensed supplier may hire a registered cannabis representative to market cannabis products on its behalf.

All cannabis representative managers, supervisors and employees involved in marketing cannabis products must be a Qualified Cannabis Worker.

Apply to be a registered cannabis representative

To register as a cannabis representative, complete the following application:

Cannabis representative application package

All applications will undergo investigative background checks in addition to the application above. Contact Due Diligence at to begin the background check portion of the application.

Include the following documents with your submitted application:

  • non-refundable fee of $200
  • particulars of incorporation of the company for the cannabis representative and for each shareholding company
  • particulars of individual for key persons such as directors, shareholders and officers
  • acknowledgement and undertaking to confirm understanding of legal obligations
  • copy of Certificate of Incorporation for the applicant company

The term of registration is two years.

Return the completed application package to:

AGLC Liquor/Cannabis Licensing
50 Corriveau Avenue
St. Albert, AB  T8N 3T5

AGLC policies for cannabis representatives

AGLC is responsible for ensuring that relationships among cannabis suppliers, cannabis representatives and cannabis licensees are competitive in nature.

  • Cannabis suppliers or representatives are prohibited from providing any services, items or activities to a cannabis licensee that could directly benefit the licensee
  • Cannabis licensees are prohibited from requesting any such inducements from cannabis suppliers or representatives; specific policy on prohibited inducements and benefits can be found under section 6.3 of the Retail Cannabis Store Handbook