Become a registered gaming worker

Individuals that want to work in Alberta's gaming industry must be registered by the AGLC. You will have to select the applicable application form below for your registration type.

  1. Determine application type
  2. Complete applicable application form(s)
  3. Deliver application form(s) to AGLC
  4. Wait for decision

Service provided


Estimated time for decision

Gaming Workers

  • Games Manager
  • Monitor Room Personnel
  • Operator Representative
  • Dealer
  • Pit Boss
  • Pit Supervisor
  • Security
  • Slot Operator
  • Slot Manager
  • Slot Supervisor
Registration Application for Gaming Worker - Casino and Racing Entertainment Centre two weeks

Bingo Worker

  • Bingo Caller
  • Bookkeeper
  • Bingo Seller/Checker
  • Cashier
  • Co-ordinator
  • Assistant Hall Advisor
  • Hall Advisor
  • Pull Ticket Seller
  • Security
  • Satellite Games Controller
Registration Application for Gaming Worker - Licensed Bingo Facility two weeks

Bingo Hall Manager *

Assistant Bingo Hall Manager *

Pull Ticket Manager *

Registration Application for Gaming Worker - Licensed Bingo Facility

Consent to Records Check

three - six weeks
Host First Nation Charity Worker
  • Banker
  • Cashier
  • Chip Runner
  • Count Room Supervisor
  • Count Room Staff
Registration Application for Host First Nation two weeks

For assistance with the forms above, contact Gaming Registrations at (780) 447-8600, toll free at 1-800-272-8876, or

* These positions also undergo background checks by the Due Diligence Unit. See below for contact info.

Service provided


Estimated time for decision

Key Gaming Worker

  • Casino Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Surveillance Manager
  • Head Slot Manager
  • Head Games Manager

Host First Nation Gaming Charity Worker

  • General Manager
  • Alternate General Manager
  • General Manager/Cash Cage Advisor
  • General Manager/Count Room Advisor
  • General Manager/Dual Advisor
  • Alternate GM/Cash Cage Advisor
  • Alternate GM/Count Room Advisor
  • Alternate GM/Dual Advisor

Personal Applicant Disclosure

three - six months

External Auditors

Internal Auditors

Construction contractor

Facility employees not holding key operational positions

Consent to Records Check

three weeks

Raffle Ticket Manager

Cash Cage Advisor

Count Room Advisor

Dual Advisor

Personal Applicant Registration

three - six months

For assistance with forms above, contact Due Diligence at (780) 447-8600, toll free at 1-800-272-8876, or

How to become a Casino Advisor

There are three positions:

  • Cash Cage Advisor
  • Count Room Advisor
  • Dual Advisor (combines both of the above positions)

Casino Advisor exam

Anyone who wants to become an advisor must send the AGLC:

The AGLC schedules exams twice a year.

The next scheduled exam dates are November 15, 2017 at 10:00 am in:

  • St. Albert
  • Calgary
  • Red Deer
  • Grande Prairie
  • Lethbridge

The content of the exam is taken from:

Next steps

After the applicant writes the exam:

  • The AGLC mails the results to the applicant.
  • If the applicant passed the exam, the AGLC will provide a six-month temporary training registration.
  • The applicant is responsible to locate and apprentice with a registered Casino Advisor. Details can be found in CTCOG 6.3.5.
  • After training is complete and the Personal Applicant Registration is approved, the AGLC will register the applicant as a Cash Cage Advisor, Count Room Advisor, or a Dual Advisor.