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Warehouse and distribution

Before liquor products are sold to licensees, they are stored in AGLC approved warehouses.

Coolers, wine, spirits and imported beer are stored at, and shipped from, AGLC warehouse.

Manufacturers in Alberta can also distribute from their manufacturing facility.

Alberta’s supply chain provides consistent delivery service of all products to all retailers across the province.

In 2007, AGLC conducted a review of the supply chain. The results of the review are in the 2007 Report: Liquor Warehousing and Distribution in Alberta –Supply Chain Analysis.

AGLC warehouse

Connect Logistics Services Inc. (CLS) warehouses and distributes spirits, wine, coolers and imported beer in Alberta under contract with AGLC. Currently CLS manages the main warehouse in St. Albert as well as additional storage spaces in Edmonton.

CLS receives and stores product from over 70 countries. They assemble and ship orders to licensees in over 320 Alberta communities AGLC monitors our contract with CLS to ensure supply chain integrity.

New liquor distribution centre

Since privatization, the liquor industry in Alberta has grown significantly. AGLC currently leases extra warehouse space to manage high product volume and order demands.

Construction of a new liquor distribution centre with approximately 470,000 square feet of warehouse storage space has begun. This centre will help reduce lease costs and increase efficiency.

The new facility is expected to be complete, and put into operation,  in 2018 and will ensure reliable and efficient liquor distribution into the future.

You can find more information about the new distribution centre in this question and answer document.

Domestic beer warehouses

There are also four large domestic beer warehousers in Alberta:

  • Brewers Distributor Ltd. warehouses and distributes beer products from primarily Molson and Labatt breweries. It has locations in Edmonton and Calgary;
  • Big Rock Brewery manufactures and distributes beer from its plant/warehouse in Calgary and
  • Sleeman Breweries Ltd. warehouses and distributes its products from Calgary.

 Warehouse operators must comply with AGLC’s Liquor Warehouse Handbook.

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