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Associations and Partnerships

Associations and Partnerships

AGLC works closely with a number of groups to ensure we continue to offer choices Albertans can trust.

Individuals or businesses that self-organize into associations or groups also sometimes assign individuals to speak on their behalf. To ensure clarity around whom an association represents, and similar to the Government of Alberta’s Lobbyist Registry, AGLC may require basic information from the outset, such as:

  • The name of the association
  • Any incorporation documentation
  • Minutes from the most recent annual general meeting
  • A list of members, to be updated on a yearly basis

Associations, groups or individuals communicating with AGLC should also familiarize themselves with legislative requirements regarding lobbying. More information about lobbying government and prescribed provincial entities can be found through the Office of the Ethics Commissioner of Alberta.

Some groups AGLC currently works with include:
Alberta Charitable Casino Operators 
Alberta Craft Distillers Association 
Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association 
Alberta Liquor Store Association 
Alberta Small Brewers Association 
Alberta Sports Coalition 
Beer Canada
Bingo Alberta
Canadian Craft Brewers Association
Canadian Gaming Association 
Horse Racing Alberta
Import Vintners and Spirits Association 
Restaurants Canada 
Spirits Canada
Wine Growers Canada

In addition, AGLC partners with a number of groups to offer programming, services or information to Albertans. These include:
Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police 
Alberta Beer Container Corporation
Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
Alberta Cannabis Education Provincial Partnership Committee 
Alberta Crime Stoppers
Alberta Fire Chiefs Association 
Alberta Gambling Research Institute 
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Post-Secondary Health Association 
Alberta Safer Bars Council 
Alberta Student Executive Council
Alberta Vital Statistics
Association of Liquor Licensing Authorities of Canada 
Beverage Container Management Board 
British Columbia Lottery Corporation 
Canadian Association of Gaming Regulatory Authorities 
Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions 
Canadian Cannabis Jurisdictional Leadership – Social Responsibility Sub-Committee 
Canadian Partnership of Responsible Gambling (The Partnership)
Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation 
Coalition for Action on High-Risk Drinking 
Correctional Services of Canada 
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Cross-Ministerial Committee 
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Networks
Gaming Security Professionals of Canada 
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Interprovincial Investigations Council 
Interprovincial Lottery Corporation 
Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative
NeoPollard Interactive
Pan-Canadian Community of Practice (Cannabis Education) hosted by the YMCA 
Problem Gambling Resources Network 
Responsible Gambling Council
Service Alberta
Western Canada Lottery Corporation 
Youth Cannabis Awareness Program hosted by the YMCA