Faulty liquor products

Information for consumers

If you’ve purchased liquor product that may be faulty, please contact the liquor store you bought it from. Refunds are subject to the store’s return policy. Stores are required to offer refunds for recalled liquor products (products being recalled for safety reasons).

Information for retailers and licensees

Faulty liquor products:

Faulty liquor products are products that:

  • have foreign material in the bottle;

  • are not fully filled (short-filled bottles);

  • have a damaged cork or cap; or

  • have part of the product missing from a sealed case.

Retailers have 30 days from the invoice date to make a faulty product claim.

To submit a faulty product claim, please download and fill out this Faulty Product Claim Request Form. Email the completed form to faultyproduct@aglc.ca.

Faulty product claims can also be made if a consumer returns a product with a complaint. Retailers have one year to make a claim where the product was returned by a consumer. To make this claim, retailers must provide the reason for the return and a copy of the return receipt from the retailer’s POS system.

Need more information about product returns? Please refer to this Faulty Product Claim Tip Sheet. You can also find more information in Section 5 of the Retail Liquor Store Handbook. 

Still need help? Send your question to faultyproduct@aglc.ca.

Delivery problems:

Product problems related to delivery services, including wet breaks, should be directed to Connect Logistics Service Inc. (CLS) Customer Service at 1-800-265-6784.

These include:

  • product breakage (wet only  this means that liquor has spilled in the case);

  • shortage or overage (i.e. missing case(s) or too many delivered); and

  • picking error (wrong product shipped).

Dry breaks:

When liquor containers are damaged and the liquor has evaporated, this is referred to as a “dry break”.

Dry breaks should not be claimed as faulty products.

Compensation for dry breaks is automatically paid to licensees based on their purchases the previous year. Licensees are issued a cheque for this amount each year.

More information about dry breaks can be found in Section 5.9.22 of the Retail Liquor Store Handbook.