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Apply for a liquor licence

Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to sell or supply alcohol in Alberta must have a liquor licence.

This page provides information on the different types of alcohol licences available in Alberta and how to apply for them.

NOTE: For Class A- F Liquor Licence applications, the applicants are required to submit Criminal Record Checks (obtained within the last 90 days) from the RCMP or local police for all requested directors and shareholders of the applicant company and the proposed manager. Online and third party criminal records checks are not accepted.

Types of licences

  • Class A consists of two types of licences:

    • Minors allowed for the sale and consumption of liquor where food is the primary source of business.

    • Minors prohibited where liquor is the primary source of business.

  • Class B - for the sale and consumption of liquor in locations where people pay an entrance or user fee or buy a ticket (such as a recreational facility, tourist facility, race track, sports stadium, convention centre, theatre, or certain types of transportation) or for a business that offers goods or services to the public where the primary purpose of the business is not the sale of food or liquor.

  • Class C - for the sale and consumption of liquor within a facility that is not open to the public but is primarily for use of members, such as a clubhouse.

  • Class D - for the sale of liquor that will be consumed off-site, such as a retail liquor store or off-sales.

  • Class E - for manufacturers that have a permanent facility, such as distillers, vintners or brewers.

  • Class F - For production of beer, wine,and cider at a ferment-on-premises facility.

  • Public special event licences - for one-time events open to the public, for either community or commercial purposes, such as a beer garden, theatre event, or food and wine fair.

  • Private special event licences - for events open to members and invited guests only, such as weddings or awards banquets. This includes annual licences for organizations having recurring events, such as scheduled meetings.

  • Industrial use - for the storage and use of beer, wine and spirits in food preparation.

  • Competition - for tasting and judging homemade products.

  • Hospitality - for liquor service in a room within a liquor agency or liquor manufacturer to provide free tasting to clients.