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  1. Eligibility
  2. Applying for a Bingo Licence
  1. Eligibility

    Application process

    Find out:

    • if your group is eligible to apply for bingo licensing
    • how to apply for eligibility for bingo licensing
    • what happens after you submit an application
    • how long it takes

    Who can apply?

    Charitable groups can apply if their structure and programs follow AGLC policy.

    Things to know before you apply

    An eligible charitable or religious organization must:

    • have volunteers from Alberta who create, control and deliver a charitable program
    • have an elected executive chosen from the volunteer members
    • have no paid members
    • have charitable programs that are available to all members of the public who wish to take part
    • be incorporated in a form acceptable to AGLC
    • have bylaws that follow AGLC policy

    These four criteria determine charitable purpose:

    1. relief of poverty
    2. advancement of education
    3. advancement of religion
    4. other purposes beneficial to the community

    For more information on eligibility refer to the Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook.

    How to apply

    If your group has not had a bingo licence before, you must complete this application:

    Documents you will need (this checklist is on the application form to guide you):

    • copy of meeting minutes authorizing the application
    • copy of Incorporation Certificate
    • copy of group's operating bylaws
    • current List of Elected Executive, including addresses and telephone numbers
    • current membership list, including addresses and telephone numbers
    • copy of the last year of financial statements
    • budget for the current year or proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year
    • land title certificate or lease/rental agreement, if you own or rent a facility for your programs


    There is no cost to submit an eligibility application.

    How long it takes after you apply

    A complete application will take approximately six weeks to review. If there is any missing information, we will contact you by letter, email or phone call.

    The decision

    AGLC will provide the eligibility decision to you in writing.


    Call AGLC to speak to an Eligibility Analyst:

    • 780-447-8600 or toll-free at 1-800-272-8876


    The Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook has more information on:

    • legislation and policies
    • general eligibility
    • types of groups that may be eligible
    • using gaming proceeds
  2. Applying for a Bingo Licence

    Bingo association

    Several charities form or are part of a bingo association. Member groups of a bingo association hold events four or more days a week in a licensed bingo facility.

    Non‐association (community) bingo

    A group that is individually licensed to conduct bingos from its own facility three or fewer days a week.

    Before you start

    Whether a group is a member of a bingo association or has its own community bingo, each group that wants to have bingo events must follow the same rules.

    Bingo Licensee Terms & Conditions explain requirements for groups that hold bingo in a licensed bingo facility that is in operation four or more days a week.

    How to apply

    A group must complete and submit this form at least four weeks prior to the first event:

    Licence fee

    Groups that have bingo events in an association bingo facility pay $10 per event. The facility collects and pays the fees on behalf of its member groups.

    There is no fee for community bingo if the annual gross revenue is less than $150,000.

    If the community bingo earns more than $150,000 annually, there is a fee of $10 per event.

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