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Bingo halls

Bingo association facility - Class A

AGLC may issue a licence for a Class A bingo facility. This type of facility includes several charitable groups that form a bingo association. Member groups of a bingo association hold events four or more days a week in a licensed bingo facility.

Class B bingo facility

AGLC may issue a licence for a Class B bingo facility that is a partnership and corporation.

Class A and Class B bingo facilities must meet requirements in the:

Licence application

The bingo facility must provide a licence application every two years:

The bingo facility must provide an annual update of its executive or if there are any changes.

Bingo Licensee Terms & Conditions - Charities 

Community bingo events occur three or fewer days a week. A group that wants to have bingo events in its own facility must follow:

Opening a new bingo facility

AGLC may issue a licence for a new bingo facility that follows:

Bingo facility expansion or relocation

A bingo facility that wants to expand or move must follow: