Applying for a casino licence

In early 2021, AGLC introduced a market-based facility licensing approach for casinos, racing entertainment centres (RECs) and bingo halls.

This new process allows AGLC to identify opportunity for incremental growth within Alberta’s mature gaming market. AGLC will periodically conduct a market analysis that may identify specific areas of opportunities for overall growth in the province. AGLC’s most recent market assessment indicated there are no opportunities for expansion currently.

Should that change, AGLC may request expressions of interest for proposals that target commercially viable opportunities and initiate the new four-step process for licensing new gaming facilities. AGLC initiates and manages this process and does not accept any unsolicited expressions of interest.

The process includes:

  • Request for Expression of Interest and Application Process
  • Applicant Selection
  • Community Support; and
  • Construction and Licensing

Details on the four-step market-based facility licensing process is available in the Casino Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines