Apply for a retail cannabis store licence

Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to sell cannabis in Alberta must have a retail cannabis licence.

Application requirements

  • background checks
  • fees
  • municipal approval
  • business requirements
  • retail store requirements

Application processing time will take approximately two to four months and are subjected to AGLC application review policies.

The Due Diligence Unit endeavours to process retail applications in the order in which they are received.

To apply

Retail cannabis store application package

Before applying, please review the necessary requirements below.

All applications will undergo investigate background checks in addition to the application above. Contact Due Diligence at to begin the background check portion of the application.

Background checks

AGLC will conduct a thorough personal and financial background check on applicants, associates and key employees of the applicant.

The purpose of background checks is to prevent criminal interests from operating, associating or having a financial interest in retail cannabis sales in Alberta. 

The applicant's key employees requiring background checks include individuals that exercise influence or control over day-to-day operations or decision-making and those who have the authority to hire or terminate the employment of cannabis workers.

More information can be found on our Retail Cannabis Store Handbook - Background Checks section.


The following fees are due at the time of application:

  • $400 non-refundable application fee for each store location
  • $700 annual licence fee
  • $3,000 initial deposit for background checks; additional costs may be added; AGLC will refund the unused amount

Municipal approval

Municipal approval is required before AGLC will issue a retail cannabis store licence. 

Contact the municipality for requirements related to:

  • retail cannabis store business licences
  • zoning requirements
  • land-use restriction

A retail cannabis store may not be located within 100 metres of:

  • a provincial health care facility
  • a school
  • a parcel of land designated as school reserve

Business requirements

The business must:

  • be incorporated in Alberta or extra-provincially registered in Alberta
  • be separate from any other business and must only operate for the purpose of a retail cannabis store (for more information, see section 3.1 of Retail Cannabis Store Handbook)
  • have a signed lease or certificate of title

Retail store requirements

The retail location must have:

  • a point-of-sale area
  • a shipping/receiving area that is separate from other businesses
  • a secure storage area
  • an alarm system
  • a video surveillance system
  • a secure product display

Product supply

  • Retailers must only purchase cannabis from AGLC

Store hours

  • Store hours may not open earlier than 10 a.m. or later than 2 a.m.

Non-cannabis items

  • Only approved cannabis accessories are allowed for sale


  • Minors may not enter a store, even in the company of an adult
  • Only government-issued photo identification is accepted
  • Staff must request identification for anyone who appears to be under 25 years of age


  • Retailers may not sell cannabis to intoxicated persons

AGLC is responsible for ensuring that relationships among cannabis suppliers, cannabis representatives and cannabis licensees are competitive in nature.

Cannabis suppliers or representatives are prohibited from providing any services, items or activities to a cannabis licensee that could directly benefit the licensee.

Cannabis licensees are prohibited from requesting any such inducements from cannabis suppliers or representatives. Specific policy on prohibited inducements and benefits can be found under section 6.3 of the Retail Cannabis Store Handbook.  


To apply

To apply for a retail store cannabis licence, complete the following application:

Retail cannabis store application package