2.3 Background Checks

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook



  1. A thorough criminal and background check is conducted on an applicant, the applicant’s associates and any key employees of the applicant. (Amended Aug 2021)
  2. The background check is to: (Amended Aug 2021)
    1. determine eligibility of an applicant to hold (or continue to hold) a licence and includes, but is not limited to, an investigation relating to the honesty and integrity, financial history and competence of the applicant, the applicant’s associates and key employees; and (Added Aug 2021)
    2. ensure criminal interests, or those who otherwise would be a detriment to the lawful conduct of cannabis in the province, are prevented from operating, having a financial interest in, or having an association with a retail cannabis store.
  3. The applicant is responsible to pay for the actual cost of the background checks. (Amended Aug 2021)
  4. (Deleted Aug 2021)
  5. The applicant, applicant’s associates and key employees are required to submit all documents and information requested by AGLC to conduct criminal and financial background checks including corporate and personal disclosure forms. (Added Aug 2021)
  6. An applicant’s key employees may include: (Amended Aug 2021)
    1. (Deleted Aug 2021)
    2. (Deleted Aug 2021)
    3. (Deleted Aug 2021)
    4. individuals that exercise influence or control over day‐to‐day operations or decision‐making; or
    5. individuals who have the authority to hire or terminate employees; or
    6. any other person holding a key position as determined by AGLC.
  7. (Deleted Aug 2021)
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  9. (Deleted Aug 2021)
  10. AGLC may refuse to allow an applicant to hold a licence if, in its opinion, the applicant has misled AGLC or provided inaccurate or incomplete information. (Amended Aug 2021)
  11. (Deleted Aug 2021)
  12. (Deleted Aug 2021)
  13. (Deleted Aug 2021)
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