Retail cannabis accessories

The following criteria is used for determining if a product is approved as a cannabis accessory:

  • compliance with all federal and provincial legislative requirements
  • specifically developed for the cannabis industry (exceptions can apply, e.g., lighters)
  • commonly used in the legal consumption of cannabis

Approved Cannabis Accessories

childproof containers (MANDATORY) humidors/packs
ashtrays oil/butter makers infusers
lighters joint containers
matches storage containers
rolling trays, rolling papers/wraps scales
rolling machines  filters/screens
pipes/bongs pipe cleaners
air filters grinders
vaporizers joint wax
joint bubbler pollen press
lighter leash cups
roach clip deodorizing spray
magazines recipe cards or books



Products with the following characteristics will not be considered an approved cannabis accessory: 

  • consumable products other than cannabis
  • items intended to be mixed, applied or consumed with cannabis
  • appeal to minors or represent a celebrity endorsement
  • depict a person, character or animal
  • conceal the possession or use of cannabis
  • consist of organic solvents as defined in Section 4.3 of the Retail Cannabis Store Handbook

NOT Approved Cannabis Accessories

ice cube trays clothing
edibles kits cosmetics, health and beauty items