Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment option discontinued

Effective January 1, 2024, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment service will be discontinued. To avoid any payment or delivery disruptions, please setup for online payment services offered by one of our participating financial institutions. For more information or questions about online payments, please contact .

Liquor licensee payment options

Payment options

Online payment options

Online payment options are available to liquor licensees purchasing directly from liquor and beer warehouses through the following participating financial institutions:

  • ATB Financial - AGLC Payments (Biz Bank Online Business Service) 
  • BMO Bank of Montreal - First Bank Payment Service (FBPS)
  • CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Direct Account Transfer Service (DATS)
  • CUPS Payment Services - AGLC Payment Application
  • CWB Canadian Western Bank
  • HSBC - Web Based Banking Service (HSBCnet)
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada - RBC Express
  • Scotiabank - ScotiaConnect (EDI)
  • TD Canada Trust - Payments & Transfers Service (PT)

If you're a client of any of the above financial institutions and would like to be setup for online payments, please complete the following application form:

Electronic Liquor Payment Application Form

Email the completed form to or fax to:

Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis
Banking and Treasury Services
Fax: 780-447-8697

Fees related to online payment services may vary among financial institutions.

Alternate payment options

  • certified cheque
  • bank draft
  • Third party payment processor (TPP) - select any of the TPPs listed below to link to their website:

If you use a third party payment processor for liquor payment, please ensure that you set up your payment well in advance to avoid any delay on your liquor product delivery. AGLC does not endorse websites, products, services or publications. The third party payment processor list is provided only for convenience. If you are using a third party payment processor, you must clearly understand the terms and conditions of the services you are using.

For more information, please call 780-447-7554 during office hours.

Payment requirements

We've worked with some of the major banks to improve the online liquor payment service. Your bank may now provide the ability to enter invoice numbers with your online liquor payments.

Where possible, please include your invoice number along with the warehouse payment code (2-3 digit) and the six-digit licence in the appropriate fields to ensure accurate and more efficient matching of your payments. To receive a copy of the new liquor payment instructions, please email

Warehouse payment codes

You will need to provide the correct warehouse payment code when making liquor payments. Warehouse payment codes can be found in this list of Warehouse Names and Codes.