Up Cannabis Inc. Product Recall

PRODUCT RECALL: Up Cannabis Inc. is voluntarily recalling a portion of a single, specific lot of its Eldo 7 gram dried cannabis product. Visit https://aglc.ca/news for more information.

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Eligibility for charitable gaming

In Alberta's current charitable gaming model, for a charitable organization to be eligible for a gaming licence they must demonstrate one of the following charitable purposes:



To be eligible to hold charitable gaming activities, a group must:

  • have a broad-based volunteer membership;
  • have a democratically chosen executive;
  • have unpaid members and directors;
  • show that they offer programs that benefit a significant segment of the community, not member’s self-interest or individual/personal benefit; and
  • demonstrate that they actively deliver a program or service to the community.

AGLC’s role is to:

  • determine eligibility based on policy; and
  • approve how an organization can use the proceeds from charitable gaming based on policy.