Alberta wildfire updates

Information for gaming, liquor or cannabis businesses affected by wildfires is available here.

Financial reporting for charities

Charitable groups must report how they use casino, raffle, bingo and pull ticket gaming proceeds. 

What is a gaming financial report?

  • All groups must complete a yearly financial report for each type of gaming licence (unless your group only conducts raffles $20,000 and less). 
  • Your report shows the proceeds earned from gaming events held during your reporting period.
  • On the report, you will record how your group used gaming proceeds.

How do I get my financial report?

  • AGLC mails or emails the financial reports to your treasurer once a year. Notify us of any changes to your volunteer executive or contact information to ensure you receive your reports.
  • A financial report is included with your licence for raffle licences $20,000 and less.

Completing a financial report

  • Please refer to the Raffles financial reporting FAQ for information about how to complete the financial reporting process for raffles with a total ticket value of $20,000 and less.

Submitting a financial report

  • Your report is due within 60 days from the date AGLC mails it.
  • You must send a copy of bank statements, cancelled cheques, invoices and receipts along with the financial report.
  • Send the reports to:


Contact a Financial Review Analyst at 1-887-447-7575 or email us at financial.review@aglc.ca