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Applying to relocate a casino

Approval process

The approval process for a casino facility major expansion or relocation consists of three steps:

Step one

  • Casino operator must submit a written proposal for the major expansion or relocation of an existing casino. Proposal should be submitted in writing directly to AGLC.
  • AGLC will conduct an initial assessment and determine if a proposed expansion or major relocation meets basic criteria for market demand, benefits to charitable groups, and impact on other charitable gaming activities in the community.
  • If the project has merit it will be allowed to proceed to step two in the process.

Step two

  • AGLC requires that the applicant posts proposed move in local media to allow the community an opportunity to voice their support or objections to the proposed move. AGLC will determine if the proposed project can move forward to step three in the process.

Step three

  • If all requirements for a gaming facility are met (federal and provincial legislation, regulations, policies and municipal requirements, permits, licences or authorizations) AGLC will approve or licence the expansion or major relocation.

Casino expansions and relocations FAQs

What is considered a major relocation?

A major relocation means relocation of an existing casino for purposes of capturing a new or different player base or market area. A move within the casino’s current market area is not generally considered a major relocation. AGLC Board ultimately determines what is considered a major relocation.

What is considered an expansion?

An expansion means the significant physical expansion of the gaming area in a casino. It may include an expansion of the building envelope (the outer perimeter of the building) or its outer dimensions (height).

What is the process for a casino expansion or relocation?

Applicants for a casino expansion or relocation must go through AGLC’s three step casino expansion or relocation process.

Who makes the decision to approve a casino expansion or major relocation?

Under the requirements of the Gaming and Liquor Act and Regulation all expansion and relocation decisions are made by AGLC’s Board, which is independent of government.

Does AGLC Board take into account the potential impact of a casino expansion or relocation on a community?

Yes. A proposal for casino expansion or major relocation must meet basic criteria related to market demand, benefits to charitable groups and impact on other charitable gaming activities in the community. As well, the proposal must include the following information:

  • anticipated impact of the expansion or relocation upon other existing charitable gaming facilities in the community
  • estimated economic impact on the community, for example, number of new jobs created, impact on other businesses in the community, etc
  • impact on parking and traffic flow

Will communities be allowed to provide input?

The applicant must post notice in the local media of the proposed move for at least two weeks. AGLC may also contact the municipality concerning the proposed move to solicit their views.

If I want to provide my input to the Board on a proposed casino expansion or major relocation, how do I do that?

Letters may be sent to:

Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis
Attn: Chair of the Board
50 Corriveau Avenue
St. Albert, AB T8N 3T5