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Doing business with AGLC

Selling to AGLC

AGLC is committed to conducting its procurement activities in an open, fair, transparent and competitive manner. Any individual or company can do business with AGLC, as long as they can provide the needed products and services that meet or exceed AGLC’s requirements and specifications.

Procurement/tendering opportunities

For information on AGLC procurement opportunities, please visit the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) website at purchasingconnection.ca. APC is AGLC’s designated tendering website.

Construction opportunities are also posted to the Edmonton Construction Association website at edmca.com.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

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Professionalism and fairness in procurement

AGLC Procurement Branch follows AGLC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, as well as the ethical codes of the professional associations in which our employees participate.

Vendor Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Vendor Code of Conduct and Ethics for AGLC reflects our commitment to ensuring vendors align themselves with all of AGLC’s values and provides a framework to guide ethical conduct in a way that upholds the integrity and reputation of AGLC.

Freedom of information

All documents submitted to AGLC are subject to the protection and disclosure provisions of the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

Procedural barriers

AGLC may not be able to do business with you if we have already committed to a contract with someone else, or if you are:

  • in a conflict of interest
  • contracting with parties who are in litigation with AGLC
  • lacking required certifications, insurance or bonding

General inquiries

For general procurement inquiries, please email procurement@aglc.ca.