Distribution of revenue

Charitable gaming in Alberta benefits all Albertans by providing opportunities for charitable organizations to manage and conduct bingo, casino, raffle and pull ticket events throughout the province.  

On this page, Albertans can find information on charitable gaming in the province and how it benefits eligible charitable organizations in delivering their programs and services.

The map below shows casino boundaries within the province, the wait times in each of those regions for a casino and the annualized return to the charitable organization from a casino event.

Charitable organizations are assigned a casino within its designated region, which is usually the region the organization is located in. For example, only licensed groups based in Edmonton can access casinos in Edmonton.

The only exception to this is Century Casino in Calgary. Rural charitable organizations outside of Calgary are assigned casino events at Century Casino because no casino exists close to these communities.

Wait times for a charitable organization can vary based on their location. To conduct and manage a casino event, organizations can expect to wait between 17 and 41 months.

The annualized revenue is calculated based on the amount of money a charitable organization can earn by conducting and managing a casino divided by the wait time.

Licensed groups can also earn proceeds from raffle and/or pull tickets. 

For more information on how charitable gaming works in Alberta follow this link.