Policy Amendment – Registered Bingo Workers

Bingo Bulletin

Policy Amendment – Registered Bingo Workers

November 25, 2021

This bulletin is to advise all bingo facility licensees and registered gaming workers of IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to the Commercial Bingo Handbook (CBH).

AGLC is committed to the on-going modernization of bingo policies and to provide industry stakeholders with increased flexibility and efficiency in running their operations. CBH Section 4.8, respecting registered gaming workers, has been amended to accomplish this objective by:

  • Removing position duties that allow for greater flexibility for bingo halls to determine staffing requirements, while ensuring that risk is mitigated.
  • Eliminating the duties for assistant positions, such as assistant hall manager and assistant hall advisor so that licensees may tailor the duties of these positions to assist the hall manager or hall advisor in a manner that best meets their needs;
  • Removing redundancies to streamline policy, such as duplicated requirements that can be stated once and applied to multiple positions; and
  • Requirements that are necessary because of the risk to integrity in the conduct and management of commercial bingo were maintained, including responsibilities relating to financial and inventory controls.

Please familiarize yourself with the amended policies, update your CBH as required, and ensure all affected staff are notified of the new requirements.

The amended CBH may be accessed on AGLC’s website at aglc.ca. Additional information regarding AGLC’s commitment to a modern regulatory environment that supports consumer choice, innovation and economic growth can be found on AGLC’s website at aglc.ca/modernization.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AGLC’s Regulatory Services Division or call AGLC Hotline at 1-800-561-4415.


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