iNaturally Organic Inc. - Type 1 recall – June 5, 2024

CANNABIS PRODUCT RECALL: iNaturally Organic Inc. recalled Emprise CBN+CBD 50mg Softgels due to the product label having incorrect cannabinoid values – lot numbers 357055720, 357055721 & 357065721. Visit our Recalls page for more information.

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Same cannabis product, different user experiences

New CannabisSense campaign showcases the importance of finding your own moderation.

When it comes to using cannabis, no two experiences are alike. To help highlight just how different individual cannabis experiences are, AGLC has launched the Find Your Moderation campaign as part of its CannabisSense social responsibility program.

The campaign shows a simulated scenario of a group before using a cannabis product, and then time lapses one hour later to show the very different effects cannabis has on each individual. The scenario emphasizes the importance of finding your own moderation and invites Albertans to consider how personal factors like age or how much they have eaten interact with factors related to cannabis use, products and potency.

With the expansion of cannabis products, including the growing market around edibles and drinkables, Albertans can turn to the CannabisSense program for accessible research-based information on non-medical cannabis use.

“The Find Your Moderation campaign is sparking a conversation with Albertans about the differing effects of cannabis for different people. As part of that conversation, we’re also providing a resource for how adults can use cannabis in a lower-risk way which is an important part of AGLC’s commitment to social responsibility and consumer education.” 
Kandice Machado, CEO


To support responsible cannabis use, CannabisSense launched in January 2022 and provides Albertans with accessible information and resources related to non-medical cannabis. CannabisSense features research-based information that champions moderation in alignment with Health Canada’s lower-risk cannabis use guidelines.

Find Your Moderation Campaign Videos 

Moderation Matters - Edibles
Moderation Matters – Drinkables

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