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Online cannabis sales and delivery offer new opportunities for licensed retailers

Change will help strengthen the legal cannabis market and diversify Alberta's cannabis industry


Effective March 8, 2022, licensed Alberta cannabis retailers will have the opportunity to sell cannabis online and provide delivery. AGLC is also exiting online cannabis sales as per amendments made to the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.

"Updating Alberta's approach to online legal cannabis sales gives Albertans more choices, provides retailers new revenue opportunities and encourages industry innovation and diversification. AGLC will continue to prioritize health and safety for Albertans and ensure all online cannabis retailers meet federal and provincial cannabis legislated requirements and regulations."

Kandice Machado, Chief Executive Officer, AGLC

Albertans can continue to have confidence that licensed cannabis retailers will offer choices in legal, high-quality products to consumers. A list of all licensed cannabis retailers that offer online sales will be available on starting March 8.

To offer online cannabis sales in Alberta, licensed cannabis retailers must operate a physical store and receive an endorsement to their licence from AGLC. Cannabis retailers will be responsible for ensuring that their online platforms meet all AGLC, municipal, provincial and federal legislation and regulatory requirements. This includes reasonable age verification methods to prevent minors from accessing online cannabis. AGLC will inspect online sites on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance.

Additionally, approved retailers must prominently display several pieces of information so Albertans can easily identify a site that has been endorsed by AGLC for legal cannabis sales. This includes:

  • all of the licensees' licence numbers
  • all of the licensed premises names and physical addresses
  • public education materials and a link to AGLC's cannabis licensee search page on

In addition, all licensed cannabis retailers in Alberta endorsed to offer online sales must include CannabisSense content. In January 2022, AGLC launched, which features information on how Albertans can identify legal cannabis products, illegal sites, as well as common cannabis-related health and safety concerns and questions from Albertans. CannabisSense joins the suite of social responsibility programs DrinkSense and GameSense, which aim to educate Albertans to help make informed choices regarding liquor and gambling.

AGLC remains responsible for the wholesale and distribution of retail cannabis products and ensuring licensed private retailers meet the regulatory compliance guidelines for cannabis. Currently, retailers can choose from the over 2,000 unique cannabis products available.

AGLC is committed to keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth, protecting public health, limiting the illicit cannabis market and continuing to provide choices Albertans can trust.


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