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New member appointed to AGLC Board

Maureen Moneta joins AGLC’s Board as its ninth member.


Starting April 6, 2022, Maureen Moneta will begin her tenure as a board member for Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC). With a background in auditing, finance and operations, Moneta brings experience from various senior executive positions as well as diverse governance roles to AGLC’s Board, including her current role as a board member for CPA Alberta.

Moneta’s experience as a community builder and leader are evident in her work within the Edmonton community, non-profit sector and as an active member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. Her governance tenure echos her commitment to community with six years of service as the Director of the Board of Governors for Rupertsland Institute. 

“I am proud to welcome Maureen Moneta to AGLC’s Board. Her passion for service and track record of collaborating as a dynamic problem-solver make her an excellent addition to our governance team. As AGLC works to create opportunities for economic development and champion customer-centricity for Albertans, I look forward to the perspective she brings to the Board.”

Len Rhodes, Board Chair, AGLC

Moneta’s appointment is for a term of three years of service on AGLC’s Board. In addition to Moneta’s appointment, six current board members are also reappointed including: Elan Harper, Vincent Vavrek, Angela Tu Weissenberger, Tongjie Zhang, Patti Grier and Board Chair Len Rhodes. Jack Fujino and Kent Breedlove remain in their incumbent positions.

Each of AGLC’s board members bring diverse experience and insight to provide guidance that initiates innovation, enables agility and continues policy modernization to remove unnecessary barriers for industry. Together, these reappointments and new appointment ensure stability and consistency with the Board as they navigate balancing productive and modern policy with economic opportunity. AGLC’s Board, CEO and Executive Team will continue driving transformation while continuously embracing change as an organization.

The AGLC Board consists of up to nine members, all appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, acting on the recommendation of the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance. Board members are appointed for up to three years and can serve on the Board for a maximum of 10 years.

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