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New fundraising opportunities support charities

Expanded raffle options have bolstered the interest in online raffles, giving Albertans more ways to support local charities.

St. Albert… Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) has created additional fundraising opportunities and greater flexibility for charities with updated raffle policies. 

On July 13, 2021, several amended policies were published. Licensed charities may now:

  • sell electronic bearer raffle tickets (50/50) at an entertainment event up to 14 days, such as a festival. Previously, these were limited to single-day events;
  • choose to offer ticket subscriptions with recurring draws; and
  • offer secondary prizing for progressive raffles, in addition to the main prize.

These changes are in addition to amendments that AGLC announced in July 2020 that provided charities with more opportunities to fundraise through the online sales of 50/50 tickets to adults within Alberta.

“When charitable casino events paused last year, AGLC explored ways to support charities and give them the ability to generate proceeds for programs and services that they support. Now that charitable casino events have resumed and the raffle landscape is evolving, we are happy to work with charities and continue to update policies that reflect their needs, while maintaining the integrity of Alberta’s charitable gaming.” 
   Kandice Machado, Acting President & Chief Executive Officer, AGLC

AGLC will continue to ensure charities and Albertans benefit the most from raffles, strengthening communities and generating greater proceeds that help make Alberta a better place to live, work and raise a family.

For nearly 25 years, AGLC has been a regulatory leader in the province’s gaming, liquor and now cannabis industries. AGLC’s continued dedication to reviewing and updating policies demonstrates our deep commitment to a modern regulatory environment that supports consumer choice, innovation and economic growth.

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