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Gifting a lotto ticket to minors will put you on the naughty list

Christmas gifts

AGLC’s 13th annual Minors’ Awareness campaign will take place from now through December 25.

St. Albert… Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) has unveiled its 2021 holiday gift guide for children: the best gift for those under the age of 18 is one that doesn’t include lottery products, such as scratch tickets.

Throughout the month of December, AGLC’s social media channels and points of sales at lottery retailers will focus on the issues of buying lottery products for minors.

Since 1975, when the Alberta Government first introduced lottery products, minors have been excluded from purchasing or cashing tickets. Research shows that the earlier an individual begins to gamble, there’s a greater chance of developing gambling problems later in life.

“Our Minors’ Awareness campaign is designed to educate gift givers and lottery retailers, reminding them that lottery tickets are not a suitable gift for children. The province’s lottery industry and the general public are key partners in preventing underage gambling among Alberta’s youth.”
Kandice Machado, President & CEO, AGLC

AGLC has several resources available for patrons that may wish to further explore responsible gambling, such as:

  • GameSense; providing players additional support related to how the games work, including odds and randomness. GameSense Advisors are also available at all Alberta casinos and racing entertainment centres.
  • Self-Exclusion Program; players have the opportunity to exclude themselves for a period of up to three years from land-based venues and If you or someone you know may require additional gambling support, contact the Alberta Health Services Addiction Line at 1-866-332-2322. If you gamble, use your #GameSense.

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