Request for Retail Cannabis Store Extension

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Last updated: January 31, 2024
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How to submit

1.    Completed application form.

2.    Detailed site plan including location and border of the entire event area. Plan will include all entrances/exits, any liquor licensed areas, cannabis consumption areas, entertainment or trade show areas, and the location of temporary cannabis store.

3.    Detailed floor plan of the licensed portion of the temporary cannabis store including an explanation of the security procedures and the process to allow the sale of cannabis and cannabis accessories. Plan will include how compliance will be maintained regarding minors, intoxication, and under 25 legislation/policy. In addition, provide all information relating to advertisement and promotion activities. 

4.    Full description of the purpose, style and operation of the event including how the event organizer will ensure minors are not permitted in any area of the entire event. 

5.    Copy of municipal approval for the location of the temporary cannabis store and documentation from event entity/organization providing the cannabis licensee care and control of the location of the temporary cannabis store. 

6.    Completed Acknowledgement of Operation of Retail Cannabis Store Extension form.

7.    Submit questions or completed application package to 

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