Applying for a retail cannabis store licence

Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to sell cannabis in Alberta must have a retail cannabis licence.

Application requirements

  • background checks
  • fees
  • municipal approval
  • business requirements
  • retail store requirements

Application processing time will take approximately two to four months and are subjected to AGLC application review policies.

To apply:

Retail cannabis store application package

Before applying, please review the necessary requirements below.

The corporate entity applying for a Retail Cannabis Store Licence completes the Applicant disclosure form. The corporate entity having an interest of 10% or more in the applicant entity (Retail Cannabis Store applicant) completes the Associated Applicant disclosure form.

Background checks

The AGLC will conduct a thorough personal and financial background check on applicants, associates and key employees of the applicant.

The purpose of background checks is to prevent criminal interests from operating, associating or having a financial interest in retail cannabis sales in Alberta. 

The applicant's key employees requiring background checks include individuals that exercise influence or control over day-to-day operations or decision-making and those who have the authority to hire or terminate the employment of cannabis workers.

More information can be found on our Retail Cannabis Store Handbook - Background Checks section.


The following fees are due at the time of application:

  • $400 non-refundable application fee for each store location
  • $700 annual licence fee
  • $3,000 initial deposit for background checks; additional costs may be added; the AGLC will refund the unused amount

Municipal approval

Municipal approval is required before the AGLC will issue a retail cannabis store licence. 

Contact the municipality for requirements related to:

  • retail cannabis store business licences
  • zoning requirements
  • land-use restriction

A retail cannabis store may not be located within 100 metres of:

  • a provincial health care facility
  • a school
  • a parcel of land designated as school reserve

Business requirements

The business must:

Retail store requirements

The retail location must have:

  • a point-of-sale area
  • a shipping/receiving area that is separate from other businesses
  • a secure storage area
  • an alarm system
  • a video surveillance system
  • a secure product display

Product supply

  • Retailers must only purchase cannabis from the AGLC.

Store hours

  • Store hours may not open earlier than 10 a.m. or later than 2 a.m.

Non-cannabis items

  • Only approved cannabis accessories are allowed for sale.


  • Minors may not enter a store, even in the company of an adult.  
  • Only government-issued photo identification is accepted.  
  • Staff must request identification for anyone who appears to be under 25 years of age.


  • Retailers may not sell cannabis to intoxicated persons. 


To apply:

Retail cannabis store application package