4.13 Charitable Activities/Campaigns

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. A retail cannabis store may allow charitable organizations to conduct fund raising activities within the premises (premises includes areas where cannabis is sold, entrances, exits, hallways, etc.) as follows:
    1. the selling of non-food items, which are recognized as part of a large national campaign, either through honour boxes or personal attendant supplied by the organization, such as:
      1. Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund;
      2. Salvation Army Christmas kettles;
      3. daffodil sales by Cancer Society; and
      4. S.P.C.A. lapel pins.
    2. displaying cash boxes for donations;
    3. food and gift bank depositories; and
    4. the selling of raffle tickets by a personal attendant of the organization.


  1. A retail cannabis store may allow all types of charitable activity to take place outside the store premises.
  2. Charitable activities may not be used for promotional purposes (see Subsection 6.2.6).
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