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3.2 Premises Requirements

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. Retail cannabis store premises must meet the conditions set out in Part 2 of Schedule 2 of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation (see Section 3.1).
  2. A retail cannabis licence will not be issued if the premises is located within 100 meters of:
    1. a provincial health care facility, or a boundary of the parcel of land on which the facility is located, or
    2. a building containing a school or a boundary of the parcel of land which the facility is located, or
    3. a boundary of a parcel of land that is designated as a school reserve or municipal and school reserve under the Municipal Government Act.
  3. A municipality may:
    1. make bylaws varying the distance specified in Subsection 3.2.2, and if considered appropriate, the Board may issue a licence.
    2. make an application to AGLC to vary the distance specified in Subsection 3.2.2 if no bylaw exists; and if considered appropriate, the Board may issue a licence.
  4. The design and construction of retail cannabis stores must meet local municipal building code and zoning requirements.
  5. Premises requirements include:
    1. a sales area;
    2. a separate entrance/exit;
    3. product receiving capability;
    4. mandatory AGLC social responsibility material posted in a prominent location;
    5. secure storage room and display for cannabis and accessories (see Section 3.3); and
    6. no access from any area of the premises to another business.
  6. It is prohibited to have cannabis products, accessories or any other cannabis related item or material visible from the exterior of the premises.
  7. Drive‐through windows are prohibited.
  8. A retail cannabis store cannot undertake major structural changes or be relocated without the prior approval of AGLC (see Section 3.5).
  9. The licensee must have the legal right to occupy and control the facility or premises in which it is located.
  10. The primary sales of a retail cannabis store must be cannabis product sales.


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