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3.3 Physical Security

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. A retail cannabis store licence will not be issued to an applicant who has not met the physical security requirements for the premises.
  2. A retail cannabis store must be protected by a professionally installed and monitored alarm system that contains:
    1. detectors to indicate unauthorized attempts to tamper with, open, enter or penetrate perimeter entry points, perimeter windows and secure cannabis storage room;
    2. detectors to indicate unauthorized movement within the premises including the secure cannabis storage room;
    3. capability to detect any attempts to tamper with the system or malfunctions with the system which must be immediately repaired by a professional technician;
    4. panic/robbery button(s) installed at all point of sale positions; and
    5. plan identifying system compliance must be submitted to AGLC for approval along with any changes to the approved plan or system.
  3. A retail cannabis store must have a digital camera security system that contains:
    1. cameras that are enclosed in the ceiling or domes and linked to a monitor and recording system located in a secure area within the premises;
    2. cameras and lighting must be positioned to clearly capture 24 hour coverage of activity identifying all individuals entering/exiting the premises, including staff areas, and all individuals within the premises including the:
      1. point of sale area(s);
      2. receiving area(s);
      3. customer area(s); and
      4. the secure cannabis storage room.
    3. system must have on premises 60 day minimum recording retention in a common format that is easily accessible, captured, viewed and capable of producing real time digital colour video and still images that clearly identify individuals and contain a time/date stamp not obscuring the image;
    4. recording and viewing system must be located in a secure location within the premises along with a maintained surveillance plan showing camera numbers, locations, coverage, authorized users list and operating instructions.
    5. recorded data and relevant information must be provided to AGLC and police upon request and are not to be destroyed if the licensee has knowledge, or should have had knowledge, of any pending criminal or regulatory investigation.
    6. plan identifying system compliance must be submitted to AGLC for approval along with any changes to the approved plan or system.
    7. system must be tested weekly to ensure all cameras and recording equipment are functioning properly and a log of the test results must be kept and available to AGLC upon request.
    8. all malfunctions must be immediately repaired.
  4. A retail cannabis store must secure perimeter entry points against unauthorized access by:

    1. a) the use of 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal doors with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame and tamper proof hinges at all entry points other than the customer entrance.

    2. commercial grade non‐residential locks on all access points with secured tamper proof strike plate and locking device must penetrate the door frame at minimum 1.25cm.

    3. customer entrance constructed of commercial grade material sufficient to secure against unauthorized access.

    4. overhead receiving door constructed of commercial grade material and locking device sufficient to secure against unauthorized access.

    5. perimeter locking devices not on a master key system.

  5. All cannabis displayed in a customer area must be within a secure showcase that is locked at all times and accessible only by authorized staff. (Amended Mar 2022)
  6. All cannabis displayed within the locked showcase must be in its original sealed package or an approved container.
  7. All cannabis accessories in a customer area must be displayed in an
    area that is accessible only by authorized staff.(Amended Mar 2022)
  8. After operating hours, all cannabis, excluding cannabis beverages, must be stored in a locked secure cannabis storage room accessible only by authorized staff. All cannabis, including beverages, not displayed in a customer area must also be stored in this locked secure cannabis storage room.(Amended Mar 2022)
  9. If cannabis beverages remain in the customer display area after operating hours, they must be secured.(Added Mar 2022)
  10. The secure cannabis storage room must meet or exceed the following: (Amended Mar 2022)
    1. constructed of Flattened Metal Mesh, EMMA 557‐99 style ¾‐9F, nominal strand thickness of 0.120” (0.108” to 0.132”) diamond opening of 0.563” x 1.688” or Sheet steel 16ga, A1008/A1008M (cold rolled) or A1011/A1011M (hot rolled) or equivalent.
    2. mount steel or steel mesh on the outside (attack side) of the room in the following manner:
      1. support all edges by anti‐spread bracing, studs or corners;
      2. align sheet edges at every vertical and horizontal seam on centre‐line of stud or anti‐spread bracing; and
      3. secure all sheets with screws, welds or rivets.
    3. (Deleted Mar 2022)
    4. minimum 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal door not exceeding 36 inches width with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame.
    5. commercial grade door lock with locking device that penetrates door frame at least 1.25cm and tamper proof hinges.
    6. 16mm gypsum wall boards on both sides of the wall (interior optional) attached with drywall screws.
  11. The secure cannabis storage room cannot be used for any other purpose than the storage of cannabis, no other items or equipment (except equipment essential to the operation of the premises and approved by AGLC) may be present in the room.(Amended Nov 2019)
  12. A plan for the secure cannabis storage room must be submitted to AGLC for approval along with any changes to the approved plan.


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