3.4 Product Recalls

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. Cannabis product recalls may be initiated by:
    1. Health Canada;
    2. Cannabis suppliers; and 
    3. AGLC. 
  2. (Deleted Mar 2022)
  3. Cannabis suppliers will be responsible for all commercially reasonable costs associated with cannabis product recalls initiated by Health Canada or cannabis suppliers.  
  4. Cannabis suppliers must, as soon as practicable, notify the AGLC of  cannabis product recalls and provide the following information:
    1. the reason for the product recall;
    2. product brand name;
    3. product SKU number(s);
    4. product lot numbers(s); and
    5. volume of product sold to AGLC.
  5. (Deleted Mar 2022)
  6. AGLC will provide instructions to retailers on AGLC initiated recalls.


  1. For additional information on product registration and labelling, please refer to Sections 3 (Product Registration) and 4 (Packing, Labelling and Shipping) of the Licensed Producer Operational Manual.       
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