Who we are

We are Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis.

Mission, vision, values


Create an environment for responsible choices to deliver economic and social benefits for Albertans.


Strengthen Alberta through its leading-edge gaming, liquor and cannabis industries.


We are committed to operating according to the following values:

  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to a high standard. That means operating fairly and honourably with colleagues, customers and stakeholders, even when no one is watching.
  • Respect - We listen and empower. Our culture adapts and ensures all are heard to build a vibrant Alberta. And when we misstep, we take accountability.
  • Collaboration - We harness the power of multiple minds and ideas. By breaking down internal and external boundaries to work together, we amplify our achievements.
  • Innovation - We are always reinventing. The first answer is not always the best answer, so we let our curiosity continuously challenge the status quo
  • Inclusion- We embrace the power of diversity. Each of our unique talents, experiences and relationships come together to form one stronger AGLC.



Guiding Principles

Focus on Consumers:

  • Prioritize consumer choice and accessibility; and
  • Reflect consumers’ needs and expectations in product and service offerings.

Reduce Barriers and Encourage Economic Growth:

  • Support economic development, industry and job growth;
  • Ensure fair and equitable treatment of licensees, registrants and applicants;
  • Excel at customer service and reflect stakeholders’ needs and expectations; and
  • Maximize revenues and economic benefits for Albertans.

Focus on Public Health and Safety:

  • Reflect a commitment to public health and social responsibility;
  • Promote public safety; and
  • Prevent minors from gambling, consuming liquor and using cannabis.

Maintain Stakeholder Integrity:

  • Support the integrity of licensees’ and registrants’ operations and activities;
  • Limit illegal product sales and related criminal activities;
  • Promote fair, reliable and stable practices; and
  • Protect revenues generated and ensure oversight, transparency and appropriate use.


AGLC's commitment to diversity and inclusion

At AGLC, we continue to encourage perspectives in diversity and inclusion in our decision-making processes by ensuring all voices feel empowered to share their views.

AGLC fosters an environment where each individual is valued and heard and diversity is celebrated.

Ultimately, we aim to create an inclusive environment for everyone to feel comfortable being themselves and having their voices heard.