Distress Centre Calgary

Charity Story

From one of the dedicated and compassionate front line responders, "There are many, many lonely/disturbed/helpless/suicidal/conflicted individuals in our world that struggle daily and if the DC was not available to them, they may harm themselves, harm others or become less of an individual in their eyes."

Distress Centre's (DC) highly trained volunteers, supported by staff 24/7, have been providing crisis service since 1970. We do not define crisis. Anyone can call us day or night. We do not judge. All our services are confidential and free. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our agency. On average our volunteers give DC over 55,000 volunteer hours per year which saves DC over $850,000 in compensation. We could not provide the level of crisis support to our community without them. AGLC provides critical funds where the greatest needs are in the agency.