Online legal cannabis in Alberta

woman shopping online

Alberta’s legal online cannabis world is changing, and we think you will like it.

Starting Mar. 8, 2022, licensed cannabis retailers in Alberta will have the opportunity to offer online sales of cannabis products and will continue to offer choices in legal, high-quality products for consumers. More information on purchasing licensed cannabis products online will be available on Mar. 8, 2022.

What is changing?

Amendments to the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act enabled cannabis licensed retailers to sell cannabis online and provide delivery, starting on Mar. 8, 2022. This also means that AGLC will be withdrawing from online cannabis sales, and will no longer be in business.

Who will be permitted to sell cannabis online? 

All licensed cannabis retailers operating a physical store will have the opportunity to sell cannabis online if they choose, as long as they receive an endorsement from AGLC’s Inspections Branch.

How will I know which licensed cannabis retailers have an online store? 

On Mar. 8, 2022, a list of all endorsed cannabis retailers in Alberta for online sales can be found here.

Where can I buy legal cannabis online? 

Before Mar. 8, 2022, was the only online source for legal, non-medical cannabis in Alberta. On Mar. 8, 2022, licensed cannabis retailers have the opportunity to open an online store—where you can shop your favourite cannabis products from the comfort of your kitchen table.

Supporting Alberta retailers

When you choose to buy from online licensed cannabis retailers, you support Alberta’s economy creating a more vibrant Alberta for us all.