Russian Liquor Sales and Supply Q & A

Questions and Answers


Why is the government and AGLC stopping the sale and supply of Russian liquor products?

Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) has halted the supply of all liquor products from Russian suppliers as a consequence of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

What actions have been taken?

Effective immediately, AGLC is de-listing all Russian-made liquor products. AGLC will no longer register, accept delivery, or sell these products to Alberta retailers. This means these products will no longer be available for retail liquor stores to purchase in Alberta.

When did this go into effect?

Following direction from the Government of Alberta, AGLC implemented these changes on February 27, 2022.

What products will be impacted?

There are currently 30 Russian-made liquor products registered in Alberta; 19 of these have stock in the province. The changes will affect all of these products.

What specific items are affected?

Impacted products represent a very small percentage of the total volume of liquor sold in Alberta; for example, vodka products from Russia only represent approximately 0.2% of all of the volume of spirits sold in the province each year.

The list below identifies which brands are impacted; only these products are impacted by the steps taken by AGLC.

Note: AGLC recognizes that there may be a range of products (e.g., vodka, wines) that contain “Russia” or “Russian” in the product name. However, if a product is not on the list below, it is nota Russian-made liquor product and does not originate from a Russian supplier.

Category Product
Spirits Russian Standard Vodka (750mL) Green Mark Vodka (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.14L) JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.0L) Vodka Tundra Authentic (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.375mL) Ruskova Vodka (200mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.75L) Ruskova Vodka (375mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka Platinum (750mL) Ruskova Vodka (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka Gold (750mL) Ruskova Citron (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (50mL) Ruskova Orange and Pineapple (750mL)
  Russian Standard Limited Edition (750mL) Ruskova Elderflower (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka Gift Pack (3 x 375mL) Ruskova Elderflower (1L)
  Beluga Allure Vodka (750 ml) Ruskova Raspberry (1L)
  Beluga Vodka (750 ml)  
  Beluga Gold Vodka (750 ml)  
  Beluga Celebration (750 ml)  
  Beluga Transatlantic Vodka (750 ml)  
Beer Baltika 7 (470mL)

What will happen to the Russian-made liquor products currently consigned in the warehouse?

Until further notice, products will be held at Connect Logistic Services in St. Albert.

I have Russian liquor products on order. What will happen to them?

If a retail liquor store has placed an order for Russian-made liquor products from the AGLC warehouse, these products will not be shipped (and will be removed from the order).

AGLC has contacted all liquor agencies that have impacted product; any additional questions can be directed to

Why won't AGLC be pulling Russian-made liquor products from liquor stores and restaurants?

Alberta has Canada’s only fully privatized liquor retail model. Once retailers purchase liquor from AGLC the product is owned at the retail level.

Retailers may choose which products to make available on their shelves. AGLC commends retail stores and licensees that have taken further action to remove product previously purchased from their shelves.

Will consumers be able to search for Russian products on

No, Russian-made liquor products will not be listed for the time being.

When will Russian products be permitted back into Alberta?

AGLC will notify liquor agencies and retailers if and when this decision is reversed.