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Effective March 25, 2024, AGLC’s new online licensing for liquor and cannabis licences, and public special event licences is available. The self-service platform supports new licence applications, reissued licences and cancelled licences, and allows users to make payments directly online. Learn more

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  1. Licence Overview
  1. Licence Overview


    A distiller, vintner, or brewer commercially manufactures, blends and packages beverages that contain spirits, wine, or beer. The manufacturer has a permanent facility.

    Estate manufacturer

    A vintner that grows a minimum of 80 per cent of the product used in the manufacture of the vintner's wine.


    A company that blends, flavours, and/or packages liquor for an AGLC-approved liquor supplier.

    To learn more:

    To apply online:

    Online Licensing Portal

    For more information, visit Online Licensing.

    To apply via in person or mail:

    Application for Liquor Licence

    Note: Applications may be filled out manually until June 21, 2024, after which time all liquor licence applications will be submitted through the online licensing portal.

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