Canopy Growth Corp. Voluntary Product Recall – March 5, 2019

PRODUCT RECALL: Due to a possible labelling error, Canopy Growth is voluntarily recalling their LBS Sunset (indica) whole flower cannabis (3.5 g). Visit for more information.

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Liquor licences for public special events

Public events include any event open to the public, such as beer gardens, festivals, theatre productions, or food and wine fairs.  For these events, you need a public special event licence (SEL).

Public SEL can be either:

  • Community: hosted by non-profit groups or municipalities
  • Commercial:  hosted by businesses or individuals for commercial purposes
    • Auction: for the auction of liquor products within an auction house

To apply, download the appropriate application (community, commercial, or auction) and return the application to AGLC Liquor/Cannabis Licensing.

Policies and guidelines

For policies and guidelines on holding an event with a liquor licence, refer to:


All public community SEL, the licence coordinator or designate, and a minimum of one bartender/server per 100 patrons, must be ProServe certified and be onsite for the duration of the event. 

For commercial SEL, everyone involved in the sale and service of liquor, including security, must have ProServe certification.