Public Advertisements

November 10, 2022 

In consultation with Health Canada, the following information is intended as guidance to cannabis licensees and registrants to assist in the planning of cannabis advertisements.

As this information is intended as a guide only, it is recommended licensees and registrants exercise proper due diligence to ensure activities comply with all federal, provincial and municipal requirements.

  • For the purpose of this bulletin, “advertisement” means “the use of media to communicate a message to a public audience.
  • Advertisement of the business of a cannabis licensee or registrant is permitted under the following conditions:
    • Content is limited to brand element information as defined in the Cannabis Act.
    • Advertisements within a liquor licensed premises, or area, may only occur if the liquor licence prohibits minors at all times.
    • Advertisements may not:
      • be conducted in a manner or place that reasonably may  appeal to minors;
      • evoke a positive or negative emotion or a way of life that  represents glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring;
      • include testimonials, endorsements or the depiction of a  person, character or animal whether real or fictional; or
      • include information on price or distribution.

Effective October 17, 2019, no public advertisement may exceed 300 cm2 with no text exceeding a height of 4 cm. Please contact Health Canada for additional information.

For additional information please contact your local AGLC Inspections office or