Charitable gaming

The role of AGLC


  • licences and regulates charitable gaming activities
  • registers gaming workers
  • inspects licensed gaming facilities
  • manages financial audits
  • investigates criminal activity related to these activities
  • supplies and manages all electronic gaming equipment
  • collects licensing and registration fees

All gaming activities must follow:

  • The Criminal Code (Canada)
  • The Gaming and Liquor Act (Alberta)
  • The Gaming and Liquor Regulation (Alberta)
  • AGLC policies

AGLC is responsible to protect the integrity and maintain the accountability of gaming activities in Alberta.

What is charitable?

The Criminal Code (Canada) requires that:

  • only eligible groups may have gaming activities
  • groups that have gaming activities must use the money for charitable purposes

These four criteria determine charitable purpose:

  • relief of poverty
  • advancement of education
  • advancement of religion
  • other purposes beneficial to the community

To be eligible to hold charitable gaming activities, a group must:

  • have a broad-based volunteer membership
  • have a democratically chosen executive
  • have unpaid members and directors
  • show that they offer programs that benefit the broader community. They do not focus on the self-interest of members.

Use of charitable gaming proceeds

Proceeds are revenue from gaming events after expenses. Licensed groups earn proceeds from casino, bingo, raffle, or pull-ticket events. Proceeds must be used to support charitable purposes that AGLC approves.

Reporting requirements

Groups must account for how they use gaming proceeds. AGLC sends annual financial reports to each group. The group must complete and return the report to AGLC within 60 days. AGLC may audit any group that has charitable gaming licences and proceeds. AGLC may sanction a group if there has been misuse of proceeds, and the group may have to repay the proceeds.

In this section


Eligible charitable groups need a licence to hold each gaming event (casino, raffle, bingo, and pull ticket).

Use of gaming proceeds

Groups earn proceeds from casino, raffle, bingo or pull ticket events. Proceeds may only pay expenses for approved charitable programs.

Financial reporting for charities

Groups must report how they use casino, raffle, bingo, and pull ticket gaming proceeds.

Audit procedure

What to expect if your charitable organization is chosen for an audit of its finances.

Information sessions for charities (GAIN)

The Gaming Information for Charitable Groups (GAIN) provides training about gaming licences and how to spend gaming funds.

Host First Nation casinos

Host First Nation casinos are on reserve land and use their gaming proceeds for charitable and religious programs that benefit their community.

Charitable Gaming Policy Amendments

This is a summary of the policy amendments to the Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook.

Charity Link: Your Charitable Gaming Connection

A quarterly newsletter that provides up-to-date information on charitable gaming in Alberta.