Retail cannabis store licences

IMPORTANT: All retail cannabis licence applicants must undergo extensive mandatory background checks. Background checks are performed on an applicant, director, shareholders and key employees to prevent criminal interests from operating, associating or having a financial interest in cannabis retail sales in Alberta.

An applicant that is or was a participant in the unlawful cannabis trade, including illegal retail or medical sales, or has criminal convictions for serious violence offences, possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking, manufacturing or production of a controlled drug or substance under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act will not be eligible for a retail cannabis licence.

The AGLC is committed to:

  • keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth
  • protecting public health
  • promoting safety on roads, in workplaces and in public spaces
  • limiting the illegal cannabis market
  • continuing to offer choices Albertans can trust

In this section

Applying for a retail cannabis store licence

Information on how to apply for a new retail cannabis store licence.

Qualified Cannabis Worker requirements

Information about becoming a Qualified Cannabis Worker.

SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training

Information about SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training.

Cannabis representative registration

Information on becoming a registered cannabis representative in Alberta.

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook

This handbook provides applicants and licensees with information on retail cannabis store operations.

Retail cannabis licensing objections

Proposed retail cannabis licence applications and how to file an objection to an application with the AGLC.