5.1 Purchases from AGLC

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. AGLC is the sole wholesaler of all recreational cannabis in Alberta. 
  2. (Deleted Jan  2022)
  3. AGLC eCommerce customer service will confirm pickup or delivery arrangements at the time of ordering.
  4. Licensees must keep a record of all cannabis purchases and transfers (i.e., invoices and receipts) to prove the source of all cannabis in the licensed premises for at least six (6) years. (Amended Jun 2021)
  5. All cannabis products must meet the Government of Canada labelling standards. AGLC ensures federal labelling standards are met before releasing a product for retail sale.
  6. Cannabis labels shall not be removed, altered or tampered with in any way.


  1. Detailed information regarding the process of obtaining a retailer cannabis account and ordering wholesale product through AGLC can be found in the Cannabis Retailer Operational Manual.
  2. (Deleted Mar 2022)
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