5.5 Product Transfers

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. In this section:
    1. “chain store” or “corporate store” means a group of retail stores licensed under the same legal entity; and
    2. “common carrier” is an entity whose business transports people or goods from one place to another for a fee.
    3. “retail store” is a distinct entity with a street address and unique licence number; and
    4. “franchise” includes retailers that share a common operating name, but each store has its own individual ownership structure.
  2. Transferred products and products sold due to store closure cannot be returned to AGLC (unless there is a recall as per Section 5.3).
  3. (Deleted Jun 2021)
  4. A common carrier must be used to transport product between stores.
  5. Licensees must keep a record of all cannabis purchases and transfers (i.e., invoices and receipts) to prove the source of all cannabis in the licensed premises for at least six (6) years. (Added Jun 2021)
  6. Transfer of product between retail stores licensed under separate legal entities (i.e. independent retailers or franchise locations) is not permitted. (Added Jun 2021)

Store Closures

  1. As outlined in Section 95.1(1) of the GLCA, a licensee selling or closing its premises permanently may, upon approval of AGLC, sell its remaining cannabis product to another licensee. The purchaser of the cannabis product is responsible to ensure the product is legal and of acceptable quality (i.e., not adulterated or contaminated).

Chain Store Transfers

  1. Transfer of outgoing cannabis products from one licensee chain store to one or more stores within the same chain is permitted once every 120 days. (Amended Jun 2021)
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