5.3 Product Recalls

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. If a recalled cannabis product(s) has been distributed to retail cannabis stores, AGLC will issue a Product Recall Notice to all licensees providing specific information of the recalled product(s).(Amended Jan 2022)
  2. When AGLC issues a Product Recall Notice, the licensee must immediately suspend sales of these products by removing them from store shelves and marking them with: “Do Not Sell – Recalled Product.” (Amended Jan 2022)
  3. Licensees are responsible for ensuring that all staff (Qualified Cannabis Workers) are aware and comply with the Product Recall Notice.
  4. Licensees must post Product Recall Notices in prominent locations in the store and at every point of sale for a minimum of 30 days, so that customers are aware of the recall.
  5. Licensees must accept customer returns of recalled product and provide a full refund for any product the licensee currently carries or has carried in the past. (Amended May 2020)
  6. Licensees must establish and maintain a system of control that permits the rapid and complete recall of every lot or batch of cannabis product that is in possession of the licensee and that have been returned to the licensee.
  7. Licensees must maintain a log of all recalled cannabis products. (See Cannabis Retail Operations Manual).(Amended May 2020)
  8. (Deleted Jan 2022)


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