5.6 Product Deliveries

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. When receiving an order from AGLC, a licensee is required to:
    1. count and sign for the number of sealed master cases;
    2. ensure the proof of delivery document has been marked with the count of master cases received and initialed;
    3. store master cases in a secured area that is visible under a camera; and
    4. ensure master cases are opened and product cases counted under a camera.

    NOTE: Failure to complete these steps will nullify and void any related product delivery shortage claims.

  2. Retailers must report to AGLC if they receive too much product in error. Failing to act on shipping errors that result in an over‐delivery of product may result in the revocation of the retailer’s cannabis licence.
  3. Order shipping errors at master/product case level (e.g. product overage/shortage/breakage or picking errors) must be reported to AGLC within 48 hours of receiving the product.


  1. Licensees should flatten, store, and prepare empty master cases for return via the carrier on the next delivery.
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