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4.12 Destruction of Products

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. A licensee is authorized to destroy cannabis products only through a method that:
    1. complies with all federal, provincial and municipal environmental protection legislation applicable to the location where it is being destroyed; and 
    2. complies with Retail Cannabis Store Handbook policy;
    3. (Deleted Jan 2022)
  2. Cannabis product destruction must be performed by a Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) employed by the licensee on the licensed premises and in the presence of at least one witness. Witnesses may be:
    1. the licensee;
    2. the manager; or 
    3. another QCW employed by the licensee.
  3. The product destruction process must be clearly visible and captured on the premises’ CCTV security surveillance system and be retained for a minimum of 60 days.
  4. Any customer product returns accepted at the discretion of the licensee and any damaged or defective product ineligible for return to AGLC is to be destroyed within 30 days in which the cannabis product was received by the licensee. (Amended Jan 2022)
  5. Licensees are required to keep a product destruction log of all destroyed product and record the following information:
    1. name and address of the licensed retail cannabis store; 
    2. time and date of the destruction;
    3. names and QCW number of the individuals conducting and witnessing the destruction; 
    4. product category, SKU and lot number;
    5. amount of product;
    6. purpose for the destruction of the cannabis product (i.e., recalled, returned, damaged or sensory display product); and
    7. method of destruction.

Note: This log is subject to review by AGLC.

  1. All cannabis product destruction must be captured and accounted for in the premises cannabis product inventory system. 
  2. (Deleted Jan 2022)
  3. (Deleted Jan 2022)


  1. For additional information and guidelines on appropriate forms of cannabis destruction, please refer to the Health Canada Guidelines and the Cannabis Waste Management Fact Sheet 2023. (Amended Nov. 2018) 
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