4.8 Sensory Display Containers

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. Licensees are permitted to use approved sensory display containers for the purposes of allowing patrons to examine cannabis products by sight and smell. 
    Note: Sensory display containers are known as display pods or sniff jars.
  2. An approved sensory display container must:
    1. be transparent;
    2. be secured (affixed or tethered) to the showcase/counter;
    3. have a tamper-proof container that prevents access to the cannabis product contained within; and
    4. have a maximum volume no more than 500 ml.
  3. Licensees are prohibited from allowing patrons to physically or directly handle cannabis products.
  4. Licensees may use sensory display containers containing cannabis product on display. (Amended Jan 2022)
  5. Licensees may use a maximum of 2 grams of cannabis product in each sensory display container. (Amended Jan 2022)
  6. Licensees must purchase cannabis products from their inventory to be used in sensory display containers.
  7. Cannabis products used for display purposes are at cost to the licensee and must be purchased through their point-of-sale system.
  8. Cannabis products used for display purposes must immediately be secured in sensory display containers.
  9. Cannabis products used for display purposes may not be sold. (Amended Jan 2022)
  10. All sensory display containers must be stored in the secure cannabis storage room outside of operating hours.
  11. Licensees are responsible for maintaining accurate records of all cannabis products used for display purposes. The sales receipts/invoice indicating all product purchases must be retained by the licensee.
  12. Licensees must maintain a sensory display log and record the following:
    1. product code/Lot#/SKU ;
    2. name of product;
    3. quantity of product;
    4. AGLC invoice number;
    5. AGLC invoice date;
    6. date cannabis products purchased from inventory; and
    7. date cannabis products removed from approved container.
  13. The sensory display log must be retained on the licensed premises by the licensee for a period of two years.
  14. Licensees must ensure cannabis products remain in sensory display containers until no longer used for display purposes.
  15. Cannabis products that are removed from sensory display containers must either be rendered unfit for use or consumption, as specified in Section 4.12 or removed from the premises on the same business day.
  16. When cannabis products are disposed of, they must be rendered unfit for use or consumption as specified in Section 4.12.


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