1.6 Qualified Cannabis Worker

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. The following individuals must be Qualified Cannabis Workers:
    1. retail licensees that are responsible for directly managing cannabis retail store(s);
    2. managers, supervisors and all other employees working in retail cannabis stores (excluding cleaning staff);
    3. security staff at retail cannabis stores (directly employed or contracted by the licensee); and
    4. direct supervisors of employees of a company contracted to provide security at retail cannabis stores.
  2. To become a Qualified Cannabis Worker, applicants must:
    1. complete and submit the Application for Qualified Cannabis Worker form;
    2. provide a criminal records check from their local police service, dated within three months of the submission of the Application for Qualified Cannabis Worker form; and
    3. successfully complete the SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training program (see Section 1.7).
  3. (Deleted Jan 2022)
  4. Qualification is valid for up to 5 years, at which time the worker must complete the procedures specified in 1.6.2a) – c) above to requalify.
  5. Being charged or convicted of a criminal offence may affect an individual’s ability to qualify as a Qualified Cannabis Worker.
  6. If at any time Qualified Cannabis Workers are charged with a criminal offence they are required to report the details within 72 hours to AGLC.
  7. The licensee must supply Qualified Cannabis Workers with a laminated colour photo identification card as follows:
    1. company name or logo;
    2. staff member’s first name only - print size must be clearly visible with block style printing only;
    3. position;
    4. current colour photo of worker – similar in size to a driver’s licence photo;
    5. Qualified Cannabis Worker number – print size must be clearly visible with block style printing only; and
    6. Qualified Cannabis Worker expiry date.
  8. The laminated, colour photo identification card must be worn by all Qualified Cannabis Workers while on duty and be visible at all times.
  9. (Deleted Jan 2022)


  1. AGLC will issue a letter to all successful Qualified Cannabis Worker applicants confirming they are qualified to work in a retail cannabis store.
  2. It is suggested Licensees keep a log of all Qualified Cannabis Worker staff. The log should include the following information:
    1. AGLC confirmation that the staff member is qualified;
    2. photo of the staff member; and
    3. qualification number and expiry date.
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