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4.3 Non-Cannabis Products

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. Only cannabis or cannabis accessories may be sold in a licensed premises.
    Note: While not an exhaustive list, the following products are not considered cannabis accessories and may not be sold in a licensed premises:
    1. consumable products other than cannabis authorized under the Retail Cannabis Store Licence;
    2. products intended to be mixed, applied or consumed with cannabis;
    3. organic solvents; an organic solvent is any organic compound that is explosive or highly or extremely flammable, including petroleum naphtha and compressed  liquid hydrocarbons such as butane, isobutane, propane and propylene (lighters are not considered organic solvents and are allowed to be sold in a licensed premises);
    4. products and promotional materials related to the medical use of cannabis.
  2. Any cannabis accessory that is intended to conceal cannabis or the use of cannabis are prohibited.
  3. Licensees are required to provide the following cannabis accessory for purchase: child‐proof lockable containers for cannabis storage.
  4. Off‐site sales of non‐cannabis products or accessories are prohibited. (Amended Mar 2022)
  5. The majority of sales of the Retail Cannabis Store must be cannabis. (Amended Sept 2020)
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