4.3 Non-Cannabis Products

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. Retail cannabis stores are prohibited from selling the following:
    1. consumable products other than cannabis authorized under the Retail Cannabis Store Licence;
    2. products intended to be mixed, applied or consumed with cannabis;
    3. organic solvents; an organic solvent is any organic compound that is explosive or highly or extremely flammable, including petroleum naphtha and compressed  liquid hydrocarbons such as butane, isobutane, propane and propylene (lighters are not considered organic solvents and are allowed to be sold in a licensed premises);
    4. products and promotional materials related to the medical use of cannabis.
      (Amended Sept 2022)
  2. Any non-cannabis item that is intended to conceal cannabis or the use of cannabis are prohibited. (Amended Sept 2022)
  3. The following cannabis accessories may be sold in a retail cannabis store:
    1. items used to consume cannabis. For example: rolling papers or wraps, holders, pipes, water pipes, bongs and vaporizers;
    2. items used to prepare cannabis for consumption. For example: rolling trays, rolling machines, grinders, storage containers, and pipe cleaners; and,
    3. items used in the consumption of cannabis. For example: joint bubblers, air filters, ashtrays, lighters, matches, and lighter leashes.
      (Added Sept 2022)
  4. As per Section 90.09(1)(b) of the GLCA, the following prescribed things may be sold in a retail cannabis store:
    1. licensee-branded or premises-branded apparel;
    2. licensee-branded items, including but not limited to water bottles, insulated mugs or candles;
    3. cannabis-themed publications, including but not limited to magazines, books or recipes; and
    4. things used in the personal growing of cannabis, including but not limited to lights, soil, plant pots and handheld gardening tools.
      (Added Sept 2022)
  5. Licensees are required to provide the following cannabis accessory for purchase: child‐proof lockable containers for cannabis storage. 
  6. Off‐site sales of non‐cannabis products or accessories are prohibited. (Amended Mar 2022)
  7. Non-cannabis item sales shall not exceed 15% of total dollar sales. (Amended Sept 2022)
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