4.5 Intoxicated Persons

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. As per Section 90.05 GLCA, licensees and staff are prohibited from providing or selling cannabis to anyone who appears to be intoxicated by liquor or a drug.


  1. A person who is intoxicated may:
    1. stagger (have an unsteady walk);
    2. have poor coordination;
    3. slur their words;
    4. have bloodshot eyes and/or breath that smells of alcohol;
    5. be messy in appearance; or
    6. behave in an overly bold, disruptive manner.
  2. If licensee staff is aware an apparently intoxicated person drove to the licensed premises, the staff should suggest the person take a taxi and offer to call for one.
  3. If an apparently intoxicated person leaves a licensed premise and gets into a motor vehicle to drive, licensee staff should note the licence plate number, model and colour of the vehicle and the direction the vehicle is travelling, and notify police immediately.
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